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2000 - 2005

2005 -  National Communities in Bloom - #1 in Canada for Sustainable Development - Canada Lands Company Award

Ogema Participates in the National Communities in Bloom Competition - Carol Peterson and three other community members attended the symposium in Saskatoon this fall. Ogema competed in the 1 - 1000 population category of this national competition. Other contenders included Big Valley, AB; Rycroft, AB; Annapolis Royal, NS; Fogo, Nfld; Naicam, Sk; Hamiota and Manitou, MB.

Ogema Opens Doors to More Growth Media Release for the Ogema Motel

"Ogema Motel Acquisition Significant Community Win, Right on Plan"

Contact: Wayne Myren, Mayor, Town of Ogema, Phone (306) 459-2552 or Carol Peterson, Alderman, Phone (306) 459-2554

Date: August 29, 2005

2004 -  Provincial Communities in Bloom - population 1-500 Champions

2004 - On Saturday, October 16, 2004, Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association recognized Ogema as the province's Community in Bloom in the population category of 1 to 500. Ogema was awarded a 4-Bloom rating with a Special Mention for Community Involvement.

2003 - "Community Building Has Many Faces" - By Paul Martin, President, Paul Martin Communications ACTION SASKATCHEWAN SPECIAL FEATURE SUPPORTED BY CAMECO - Bringing energy to life " Advertising Feature in Saturday, April 26, 2003 Star Phoenix, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan"

"Ogema is the little town that could" - RURAL ROOTS - Leader Post - March 3, 2003 Opinion

"Town sets out to make steam engine dreams reality" - Moose Jaw Times-Heral - Friday, January 10, 2003

2002 - "Rural Residents must be catalyst of change in province" - Weyburn Review - August 2002

"Investing in Saskatchewan - The Ogema Success Story" - Saskatchewan Agrivision Corporation Inc. - May/June, 2002

"Entrepreneurs Driving Economic Development" - Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food - March 21, 2002

2001 - TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS - "Rural women are taking the reins in business leadership to create employment and sustain the viability of their communities" - by Kirsten Leatherdale - The Weyburn Review, March 28, 2001

"Ogema hog barn has been a boon to town, mayor says" - Weyburn Review

2000 - "Investing in Hog Barns Expansion" - Crown Investment Corporation of Saskatchewan - July, 2000 Archive